Dharma Talks

On the second Thursday of every month, we welcome you to join us for 30-45 minutes directly following our meeting to listen to a recorded Dharma talk.  Dharma talks are lectures on specific topics in Buddhism that are given by recognized Buddhist teachers.
Below is a list of our upcoming monthly Dharma talks:

Feb 9’17 –                The Five Faculties by Mary Stancavage – 33 min

March 9’17 –          Practicing in Daily Life by Dave Smith – 24 min.

April 13’17-            Purification of Mind by George Haas – 26 min

May 11’17 –             Greed, Hatred and Delusion by Dave Smith – 32 min

June 8’17 –              Three Sets of Three by Noah Levine – 32 min

July 13’17 –              A Buddhist Perspective on Sex by Deborah Eden Tull- 49 min

August 10’17 –       The Paramis: Generosity – 38 min

September 14’17 –Idealism, Disillusionment and Faith by Matthew Brensilver – 29 min

October 12’17 –      Craving, Pain and Forgiveness by Noah Levine – 51 min

November 9’17 –   Craving by Cheryl Stean – 45 min

December 14’17 –  Grateful with the Messiness of Life: Keeping an Open Heart by Mary Stancavage – 36 min

Below are an offering of Dharma Talks by Noah Levine provided by Against the Stream – Buddhist Meditation Society. Please click on any of the links below to be directed to a streamable, or downloadable talk:

The Eightfold Path

The First Noble Truth

The Second Noble Truth

The Third Noble Truth

The Fourth Noble Truth


Craving, Pain and Forgiveness

Reflecting on Sex and Sexuality